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Onan Generator 11 KW Onan Generator 11 KW
This is the 11 KW generator. It's important to consider the essential loads prior to selecting a generator. The most common are AC, heat, refrigeration, lighting, washer, dryer, and appliances. This size generator could be used to power a small window AC unit, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and a few lights. This unit is not recommended for central air conditioning.

Specifications 11 KW Generator
Onan Generator 15 KW Onan Generator 15 KW
This is the 15 KW generator. All the generators displayed run on either natural or LP gas (propane).

Specifications 15 KW Generator
Onan Generator 20 KW Onan Generator 20 KW
This is the 20 KW generator. This is the minimum size unit we would recommend when central air conditioning units will be connected to the system.

Specifications 20 KW Generator
Onan Generator 45 KW Onan Generator 45 KW
This is the 45 KW generator. This generator is capable of carrying the total load of a typical residential home with a 200 amp utility service (whole house power).

Specifications 45 KW Generator