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Commercial kitchens have sophisticated controls which are used to monitor and control the use of hood fans in the restaurant. Connected to a mechanical fire suppression system, the controls are wired to energize the supply and exhaust fans from a single controller (switch). In the event of a fire, the controls shut down all sources of fresh air (supply fans) while locking the exhaust fans in the on position for smoke evacuation. A night mode feature, locks out the supply fans, bypasses the manual controls, and energizes the exhaust fans should a fire occur after hours. At the same time, all electric appliances under the hood are disconnected from their source, and a local alarm bell will sound in the kitchen to tell personnel to stay clear of the fire. In some installations, this system is interfaced with the fire alarm system where required. We have an in depth knowledge of these systems, and we urge you to call on us to schedule a service call to test and repair these systems as required.