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Hot Tub Spas and Hot Tubs
Thinking about adding that spa or hot tub? Call us to help you design a safe system you can afford. Don't let a fast talking salesman tell you how easy it is to install. Get the facts before you buy from a qualified electrical technician. Like anything in life, accidents and unfortunate incidents are usually what follows poor planning.

There are three critical mistakes consumers often make. Customers will purchase a spa or hot tub for $800 to $2,000 with no real knowledge of what is required to make it work safely. Next, they become overly budget conscious and refuse to hire a trained profesional to install it for them. Make the salesman give you clear written details on the make and model of all the equipment supplied with the spa or hot tub before you make your purchase. Just tell them you wish to review the installation with your electrician before you commit to the sale. Ask for the manufactures web site and customer service telephone number. The manufacture will provide any details needed to install the system. The NEC has several codes concerning the installation of a spa or hot tub. It's important that we insure the specifics of your installation will comply with all of them. Last but not least, never allow the equipment distributor to install the wiring in your home or to the equipment. If you needed a doctor, you probably wouldn't call a plumber so don't call an unlicensed electrician to work on your wiring.