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Meter Can Meter Can
Meter cans are used to meter the use of power supplied by the utility company. They range in sizes of 100, 200, and 400 amps. It is often recommended that you should visually inspect the exterior for signs of deterioration. Damaged cans should be replaced as necessary to avoid catastrophic disasters and the inconvenience of a total loss of electrical power.
CT Metering CT Metering
CT Metering is used in commercial installations where the incoming service exceeds 400 amps. It consists of a special meter socket which the utility company will connect to a series of current transformers. The current transformers may be installed in a customer furnished CT can or at the utility transformer. Many utility companies will furnish most or all of this equipment to the customer at cost for installation by an electrical contractor. Call us so we may assist you with repairs for this type of installation.
Modular Metering Modular Metering
Modular metering is usually installed in muli-family dwellings and tenant spaces where electric bills are metered for each space separately. These types of equipment are furnished by the customer not the utility company. Call on us for repairs and service of this equipment.