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If your remodeling a kitchen, be aware that many of the codes and standards once used are no longer acceptable. Appliances today have moderized our world, but it takes a properly trained person to design and build the electrical service, distrubution, and branch circuit wiring needed to power these appliances. Do not be fooled into thinking your 30 year old home is wired to meet the needs of todays appliances. Changing the kitchen cabinets alone is the single biggest mistake you will make or be talked into.

The average kitchen has a dishwasher, disposal, microwave, range, hood fan, and refrigerator if not an ice machine, trash compactor, and several counter mounted small appliances. Each of these large appliances requires a dedicated circuit. Let us do our work before the appliances arrive and the cabinets are installed. Once the old cabinets are removed, call us to revise existing wiring, add new dedicated circuits, and correct potential hazzards before they occur.