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Drum Fixtures Drum Fixtures
Drum fixtures are available in a mulitude of styles and colors. These fixtures are more often used in corridors, closets, and confined spaces. They're available with incandescent, compact fluorescent, or circuline lamps.
Coach Light Coach Lights
Coach lights are often used in residential applications. These fixtures are available in several styles, and they can be installed near the garage or the side entrance of a home. Usually of weather proof construction, they are available in incandescent and compact fluorescent providing the added touch of class to any home.
Lantern Fixture Lantern Fixtures
Lanterns are very much like coach lights, but they are usually larger and placed near the front entrance of a residential home. These fixtures also come in several styles with incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps. Often, the style of this fixture is matched with coach lights for a complete installation.