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Two Lamp Strip Fixture Strip Fixtures
Strip fixtures are a basic fluorescent fixture. They can be used in many applications, and the fixtures are available in two, three, four, and eight foot lengths. These fixtures are used in commercial and residential applications often in areas where up or down lighting is desired such as cove and cabinet lighting.
Two by Four Troffer Troffers
The troffer fixture is an excellent choice in T-bar ceilings. Most often found in commercial use, it provides basic illumination where task lighting is essential. These fixtures come with several options. Models are available with two, three, or four lamps. Fixtures come in 2 x 4, 2 x 2, and 1 x 4 sizes. Special fixtures can be ordered with plaster frames in drywall ceilings, or with return air venting for air plenum ceilings. Lamps come in cool white, warm white, T12 and T8 styles. Ballasts can be ordered in either iron core or electronic models.
Wrap Around Fixture Wrap Around
The wrap around fixture is an other inexpensive alternative where task illumination is essential. These fixtures are available in two and four foot lengths. They can be specified with either two or four lamps.
Decorative Wrap Around Decorative Wrap Around
Like the basic wrap around fixture, these fixtures are well suited for task illumination while adding a decorative trim for style.
Industrial Fluorescent Industrial
The industrial fixture is an excellent choice in work areas or non-finished rooms.