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No EMT Fitting is Listed as Raintight! 6/11/2003
At the local International Association of Electrical Inspectors chapter meeting we learned something I thought you should hear about. Feel free to pass the word.

Currently (June 2003), no manufacturer is authorized to mark their Listed compression type EMT fittings with the "Raintight" marking.

There are no raintight electrical metallic tubing (EMT) fittings approved by any nationally recognized testing laboratory at this time. No matter what the box or packaging says. Most manufacturers have removed the listing information, others have not.

Issue will be big deal in some jurisdictions and a non-issue in others (NEC 90-4 and 90-7).

Mike Holt's Comment: I wonder if compression type threadless fitting for Rigid Metal and Intermediate Metal Conduit are listed for this purpose?

Article 100 defines "Raintight" as "Constructed or protected so that exposure to a beating rain will not result in the entrance of water under specified test conditions."

225.22 Raceways on Exterior Surfaces of Buildings or Other Structures. Raceways on exterior surfaces of buildings or other structures shall be raintight and arranged to drain.

230.53 Raceways to Drain. Where exposed to the weather, raceways enclosing service-entrance conductors shall be raintight and arranged to drain. Where embedded in masonry, raceways shall be arranged to drain.

358.42 Couplings and Connectors. Couplings and connectors used with EMT shall be made up tight. Where buried in masonry or concrete, they shall be concretetight type. Where installed in wet locations, they shall be of the raintight type.

It always amazes me how I learn something new every day.. It never ends.